The Girl That Embraces Change
Background information
Cycle 2
Episode 4
First aired January 29, 2014
Aired online
Challenge winner(s)
First call-out(s) Marie Nakagawa
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Như Thảo Phan
Featured Photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina
Featured Director
Photo Shoot 60's Chic in a Hair Salon
Special guests Alfons, Lourd Ramos
Previous The Girl Who's Hot When She Is Cold
Next The Girl That Runs Her Own Race
The Girl That Embraces Change is the fourth episode in the second cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the seventeenth episode overall.

Episode Summary

The remaining twelve girls had their very own makeover at Malaysia renowned celebrity saloon A Cut Above. Most of the girls are excited, while Sneha and Sheena were prominently worried and sad during the makeover. With the mirror covered, all the girls had their transformation revealed at a dark room, and given a surprise visit by their family member, boyfriend or friend, with Marie the only girl with no one to visit her. Furthermore, they are given a second surprise visit by their closed one at the model house. Poojaa was later finger-pointed by Josephine and Katarina as the 'second Tia' for boasting about her wealthy family and background.

For their photo shoot, they returned to the beauty salon for a 60's chic style themed photo shoot session while wearing Silas Liew new neon color-popping chic collection. Indonesian photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina was the shoot's featured photographer. For this week photo shoot, Nicoline requested that the girls be themselves with no inhibition of being quirky, sexy or edgy. Marie, Josephine, Nicole and Natalie were among the girls to received great feedback from the photographer, while Sneha, Jodilly, Thao, Katarina and Janice received negative feedback from the photographer for giving awkward poses and failing to deliver an impressive shot. Back at the house, the girls' poor hygiene condition was arising. Thao's mess in the kitchen made neat freak Nicole very frustrated and mad. Janice referred her as 'rich and famous diva'.

For the judging session, the models had their first-ever outdoor judging panel at the MBPJ Stadium, Petaling Jaya. Natalie, Sheena, Tia, Katarina and Janice were told that they were playing too safe and did not try something out of their comfort zone, while last week best photo winner Josephine, Marie and Poojaa had great shots with the latter two showing great improvement, securing the top three spots. In general, all of the girls were only able to give safe shots, and did not try something new. Most received lukewarm comments. Sneha, Janice and Thao landed in the bottom three and were in danger of having their top model dream crushed, with the former two having their second consecutive spots at the bottom three. Thao, who was deemed having weak shot this week was eliminated despite of better portfolio at the past three weeks than the former two.

Photo Shoots


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