Dana Slosar (Thai: เดน่า สโลซาร์) is an American-Thai model who competes in Cycle 6.


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Dana Slosar

Dana is easy-going but won’t hesitate to stand up for herself. Having grown up with protective parents, she leads a sheltered life but isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. “Work hard, play hard” is her motto. She is always ready for the next job and the next party.

"She's laid-back and easygoing.

But when it comes to strutting her stuff

her work hard play hard attitude

speaks volumes."

Height: 175cm
Age: 24
Country: Thailand
Favourite feature: eyes
Favourite model: Shalom Harlow
Favourite designers: Alessandro Michele, Cecilia Bönström, Raf Simons
Phobias: birds
If modelling doesn't work out: She will go for acting, design, photography… She is ready to try out anything creative.



Model History

Episode Weekly Challenge Photoshoot Judging Panel
Photo Call Out Order Score Position
1 Survived
5th of 12 33.0 Safe
2 no challenge
Dana Han
4th of 11 24.5 Safe
3 Loss
9th of 10 33.1 Bottom
4 Loss
Dana Mia
6th of 9 32.0 Safe
5 Loss
1st of 8 35.8 Top
6 Win
2nd of 7 26.5 Safe
7 Win
1st of 6 35.2 Top


  • After other members were consecutively eliminated, Dana was the last model of Monika team.