Asia's Next Top Model S6 - Teaser Trailer

Asia's Next Top Model S6 - Teaser Trailer

Cycle 6 also known as Asia's Next Top Model 6: Beyond Limits is the sixth season of Asia's Next Top Model.

The season premiered on August 22, 2018 featuring 14 contestants. The filming of the season took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Cindy Bishop and Yu Tsai both returned as judges for panel, while Monika Sta. Maria from Cycle 3, Shikin Gomez and Minh Tu Nguyen from Cycle 5 made appearances as model mentors throughout the season.



The filming began on early 2018 and it was revealed that this season will be taking place in Bangkok, Thailand.


The prize package for this season included a Subaru XV, a cover and fashion spread in Harper's Bazaar Thailand, a featured avatar in the new America's Next Top Model Mobile Game, and a modeling contract with Storm Model Management in London.


  • Model Mentors: For the first time in Top Model history, three alumni from the previous seasons were brought back to mentor the contestants. The contestants were then divided into three groups with one model mentor for each group. Monika Sta. Maria from Cycle 3 and Shikin Gomez and Minh Tú Nguyễn from Cycle 5 came back as this season's model mentor.
  • Challenge Elimination: One or more contestants were eliminated right after the weekly challenge even before the judging panel elimination.


ASNTM6 Mia Small
Taiwan Flag Taiwan
ASNTM6 Dana Small
Thailand Flag Thailand
ASNTM6 Adela Small
Philippines Flag Philippines
ASNTM6 Beauty Small
Myanmar Flag Myanmar
ASNTM6 Pim Small
Thailand Flag Thailand
ASNTM6 Vy Small
Vietnam Flag Vietnam
ASNTM6 Jachin Small
Philippines Flag Philippines
ASNTM6 Han Small
Singapore Flag Singapore
ASNTM6 Rubini Small
Malaysia Flag Malaysia
ASNTM6 Jesslyn Small
Indonesia Flag Indonesia
ASNTM6 Iko Small
Indonesia Flag Indonesia
ASNTM6 Sharnie Small
Japan Flag Japan
ASNTM6 Hody Small
Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong
ASNTM6 Lena Small
Thailand Flag Thailand
Key: Best Photo of the Week Bottom Two of the Week Quit Disqualified Eliminated Winner Runner-Up Finalist


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Best Photo of the Week

Voting History

Elimination Order

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10
1 Beauty Jachin Mia Adela Dana Beauty Dana
2 MiaAdela Thanh Vy Mia Jachin Dana Beauty
3 Rubini Pim Pim Beauty Thanh Vy Adela Pim
4 Jachin Dana Adela Pim Adela Mia Adela
5 Dana Thanh Vy Rubini Jachin Pim Pim Mia
6 Iko Mia Han Dana Beauty Than Vy Thanh Vy
7 Adela Han Jachin Thanh Vy Mia Jachin
8 Mia Beauty Beauty Han Han
9 Han Rubini Dana Rubini
10 Pim Jesslyn Jesslyn
11 Jesslyn Iko
12 Sharnie
13 Hody

Weekly Scoring

Template:ASNTM6 Weekly Scoring


  • This season is the first season to be filmed in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • For the first time, there were three Thai contestants that appeared in one season.
  • Both Mia Sabathy and Adela-Mae Marshall have competed in other national versions of Top Model.
  • This is the fourth time Japan is back to compete last time was Cycle 3 in 2015
  • And Myanmar and Hong Kong returned after they last appeared in Cycle 4 in 2016
  • Cycle 6 is the third season where a contestant gets eliminated after they participate in the first challenge.
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