"Beauty" Thet Thet Thinn is a Myanmar model who competes in Cycle 6.


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Beauty Thet Thinn

Beauty is a high-energy newcomer from Myanmar who maintains a fun and cheerful disposition (sure to make the model house lively!) despite a tough family situation. Now, fully focused on modeling, Beauty is supporting her mother whilst chasing her dreams.

"Offbeat & mysterious.

This new face is a breath of fresh air.

The world is ready for her,

are you?"

Height: 176cm
Age: 22
Country: Myanmar
Favourite feature: lips
Favourite model: Tyra Banks
Favourite designers: Vatanika Patamasingh
Phobias: heights, rats
If modelling doesn't work out: “Watch me, it will work,” she said.



Model History

Episode Weekly Challenge Photoshoot Judging Panel
Photo Call Out Order Score Position
1 Survived
1st of 12 34.0 Top
2 no challenge
Beauty Jachin
8th of 11 20.0 Safe
3 Loss
8th of 10 33.6 Safe
4 Loss
Beauty Dana
3rd of 9 34.0 Safe
5 Loss
6th of 8 28.0 Safe